Large full-automatic welding machine system

▶ Plasma arc welding: PAW


▶ Argon arc welding: TIG


▶ Gas shielded arc welding: MIG


▶ Suitable workpiece range: 1m³~100m³


▶  Protective gas: Argon Ar,Nitrogen N2.


▶ Welding technology:  P + T double gun welding technology. firstly single gun plasma (PAW) is utilized to pad without silking, which realizes double side welding forming. Welding seam should be covered during argon arc welding (TIG), so that the moulding aesthetic welding seam is obtained. The circulating water jacket and tube adopt MIG welding technology.


▶ Welding quality: welding seam is formed by P + T and MIG welding technology. It has 100% of welding permeability, 100% of steel fusibility, high-strength welding seam, primary and beautiful shape of welding seam.