FAQ analysis and solution

  • The method of checking the tightness of the systemx

    The first step: close the sterilizer door and other normally closed valves, and inject compressed air into the sterilization cabinet to 50kPa; the second step: keep for a period of time and observe the pressure change, if the pressure change is large, the equipment is suspected to have leakage; the third step: check the pipes and valves connected with the sterilization cabinet, and apply foam water at the connection to check whether there is air leakage.
  • Microbial performance confirmation MPQ and daily control process, number of biological indicators BI and PCDx

    1, the number of BI/PCD required for daily control is half of the MPQ process; 2, when MPQ is at least 5 BI/PCD; 3, the equipment volume ≤ 10m ³, MPQ requires at least 3 times the equipment volume value, such as the equipment specification for HDX-10, requires 30 BI/PCD; 4, equipment volume > 10m ³, MPQ requires at least the number of BI/PCD equal to the equipment volume value + 20, if the equipment specification is HDX-20, it requires 40 BI/PCD.
  • Vacuum extraction anomalx

    The abnormal vacuum pumping is usually shown as follows: the pressure in the sterilization cabinet does not meet the set requirements within the specified time; the first step: check whether the power supply (vacuum pump operation) is normal, whether the water supply is normal, and whether the gas supply (vacuum valve is opened) is normal; the second step: check whether the door is closed and whether the door seal pops up.
  • Humidification anomaly / humidification time anomalyx

    Solution: the first step: check whether the indicator light of the steam generator shows normal; the second step: check the pressure value of the steam generator (lower than 0.3MPa start working, higher than 0.4MPa stop working), if the pressure cannot rise for a long time when the valve is closed, the humidifier will fail; note: every time you open the steam generator, you should manually open the steam generator outlet, which can be closed after 3 seconds.
  • Open the sterilization program to display the errorx

    Solution: restart the computer. (every time you turn off the equipment, you should turn off the computer before turning off the power to the control cabinet)
  • Abnormal display of parameters of sterilization systemx

    Solution: the first step: check whether the power supply of the electric control cabinet is turned on; the second step: check whether the communication between the industrial control computer and PLC is normal; the third step: check whether the 24V power supply is normal; the fourth step: check whether the sensor, signal line, conditioning board and 231 module are normal.
  • Pump working abnormallyx

    The pump is not working according to the work flow, the first step is to check whether the thermal relay protection of the corresponding pump is acting, and the second step is to check whether the empty opening of the corresponding pump is tripping.
  • Door opening and closing abnormalx

    The first step: check whether the air source is normal, whether both sides of the door are closed in place, the equipment is in a manual state, re-pressurize, open the door safety pressure, open the material door, observe whether the door lock cylinder is loose, if it is not loose, observe whether the corresponding solenoid valve is reversing.
  • The ultra-high temperature alarm lights are all onx

    Solution: enter the parameter setting interface and click "determine sterilization parameters" / "download to PLC".